Branding After the Sale

Branding After the Sale

We’re back to talk about a key aspect of branding: the branding after the sale.

You read that correctly. There’s more branding to be done after the sale is finished.

Remember, your entire business should be a brand. Just because the sale is made doesn’t mean you can stop the branding. You shouldn’t. Your customer purchased because of the emotions and trust your brand created. Continue to build that trust with clear branding that extends throughout the whole customer experience.


Whether it’s a pdf via email or a mailed package at the door, your brand should be a part of it. Think about how you can make the packaging reflect your business.

Handwritten notes

When you mail out your product, or after your service is complete, send a handwritten note. It’s a personal touch that can be branded with your logo, and perhaps can even include a discount for a follow-up purchase!

Email confirmations

You know those emails you get after you’ve made a purchase? They’re often a confirmation of your order, but they’re also another form of branding that is key after the sale. What does the email look like? What does it say? Keep this in mind as you consider what your email confirmations look like.

Other communications

If you’re a custom shop or a business that provides services, it’s likely that you’ll be in further communication with your customer after the sale is made. These communications, whether it be emails or phone calls should also be representative of your brand.

Basically, anything that your customers see or touch, before and after the sale, should be branded.

Think about what you’re sending out — what the process looks like when someone buys from you. Are you branded where you should be? Is the customer experience one that will make them want to tell their friends about you? Does it create loyalty?

If you need some creative juice around your customer experience, give the Agency a call we’d be happy to help.

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