“Branding is the art of differentiation. Design fleshes out what the core of a brand really is and breathes life and meaning into the business & the brand.”

– David Brier

Our Process


Our number one goal is to guide you through the process of determining exactly what it is that makes you, your business and it’s product or services unique. Then we help you dig deep to discover your story; why you do what you do. And this is not any old why, but the deep emotional spark that ignites you do what you do.

Once we understand what ignites you, we can begin to explore what will emotionally connect your dream clients to you; the voice, tone, and visuals that will capture their attention.


Knowing the market landscape is key to standing out from the crowd. Who is your competition? What role do they play in their customers’ lives? How would you fit into their lives? What makes you unique, what is your niche?
What will inspire a community and foster deep connections?

Creative Direction

With discovery and research complete, we hone the look and feel of your brand. We’ll collect language and visuals that speak to your passion and purpose: colors, typography, patterns, and images that inspire and resonate with your audience, instantly setting the tone for your brand.

Create Development

Your brand now begins to take shape. During this phase, we’ll prototype the visual elements of your brand, present those for review, feedback, and refinement.

Final Designs

At the end of the process, you’ll be equipped with not only beautiful brand collateral – your logos, icons, business card and marketing collateral designs – but also strategies for how to use it: a clear picture of your brand, your audience, and how best to create a unique experience for your clients that will in turn foster deep connections with them and loyalty to your brand.


Brand Clarity Process
Logo Design
Submark & Patterns
Business Card Design
Brand Style Guide

Other Services Offered:

Social Media Profile Images
Marketing Collateral Design

Let's Explore Your Brand Project

“I liked Sue right off the bat because we spoke the same language, and she got what we were trying to convey. She’s classy and elegant. I like the way she presents herself in person, and I think her designs reflect that.

She first talked with us by phone and then she came to meet us and see our office. Sue is intuitive and gathered a lot of information by sitting down with us for a while. She got a sense of the kind of people we are and the kind of practice we have, and she was sensitive about making our materials reflect that. What Sue created for us is different and sets us apart a little bit. People comment on our business cards and our letterhead — they say, wow, the design is beautiful, this is really nice. When your print materials look good, it shows you’re a business that cares about details and understands the importance of taking care of things.

The person you work with has to be someone who can get a sense of who you are and then translate that into a design and Sue’s excellent at that.”

– Julie Woodmansee, Woodmansee & Szombatfalvy, PLLC

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