Building Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Building Brand Awareness through Social Media

Let’s talk social media. For small businesses, it can be a challenge just to get on and post. (Check out our blog, How to Begin Marketing Your Business on Social Media if that’s where you’re at.) But today, we’d like to discuss building brand awareness through social media.

What is brand awareness? It’s extending the reach of your brand — it’s people knowing what you do and what makes you unique. If more people know what your business is about, then more people know who to turn to when they need your services. Social media is the perfect platform to do this because of the variety of things that you can do. Here are some ideas:

1. Share stories

Yes, you can use the stories function on your social media apps for this, but what we mean, is sharing actual stories. Tell your followers how you got started, share with them what you’re working on for the day, give them a behind the scenes. By sharing this type of content, you’ll build that awareness we’re talking about.

2. Get visual

We might be a repeating record, but a picture is worth a thousand words. If you really want people to understand what your business is all about, show them. Use pictures and videos to get the message across.

3. Share content from your customers

This may not be entirely easy, especially if you don’t have a product-based business, but if you can, share content that your customers post! Show people who are buying your products or using your services. Share testimonials and user reviews.

4. Be consistent

Whatever you do, be consistent. You can’t build brand awareness if you post only a couple of times a year. You need to be active and engaging.

Look at other brands and companies, but be different. Be you and show your potential customers what you’re about.

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