Welcome to the fourth post in our series, Common Brand Misconceptions!

The fourth misconception: my brand identity is made up of visual aspects.

The truth: your brand is the experience you provide.

We touched on this in our misconception post about logos. However, as brand strategists, we couldn’t just leave it at that. While your brand is more than the logo and encompasses the fonts, colors, and overall representation of your business, your brand is also an experience.

It used to be referred to as a company culture. It’s the experience your customers have with sales staff, customer service and even after the sale. It’s how you treat you employees and how it feels when you walk into your business.

Your brand incorporates how you talk on social media, and the type of people that engage with you.

What causes this brand identity misconception?

Many brand strategists give you a logo and a whole download of visual aspects when you hire them for “branding.” Most branding tips are about the fonts, colors, and website copy. What these things are leaving out, though, is the experience — from the first call with a client to the invoice payment.

Benefits of correcting this misconception

Correcting this brand identity misconception will allow you to step back and look at your entire business and its brand strategy. Are you creating an experience on that first phone call? Does your invoice look like it could be from the auto shop down the road or does it reflect your brand? Moreover, are you engaging with your customers and employees as if that’s part of your brand too? Everything your business does is its brand, just as everything you do, from the food you eat to the words you say, is your personality. It’s time to get past the visual aspects and into the true heart of your brand.

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