Common Brand Misconceptions - My Brand is what I say it is.

Common Brand Misconceptions: My Brand Is What I Say

Welcome to the third post in our series, Common Brand Misconceptions!

The third misconception: my brand is what I say.

The truth: your brand is what your clients have to say.

So many times, we mistake our brand for what we say. While this is partially true, your brand is really what your clients have to say about you, your product, your service, and ultimately, their experience of you. 

You set the tone for your brand with what you say, what your visuals look like, and what you do, but ultimately your brand is their perception of you.

It’s mind boggling, we know, but understanding this idea of your brand can make such a difference. It brings back the WHO in what you do — who you’re working for, or providing services for. You’ll be successful if you think of them, and correcting this misconception will help you get there. It’s often the disconnect of what you do, and what others think you do, that affects how well your business actually does. Do your clients understand how your services or products can help them? Do they think they’re as helpful as you do? You need to align their perception with your brand goals.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What do your clients say after they work with you?
  • How would your clients describe you?
  • Do your clients or customers see you the way you want to be seen?

What causes this misconception?

Branding is often preached as something that you can create, so of course you forget that you can’t create what people think of you — but you can impact it.

Benefits of correcting this misconception

Your brand experience is everything! It determines if you’ll have loyal customers, if you’ll get word-of-mouth referrals, and if you’ll reach your sales goals. Creating a positive brand experience and getting customers to connect and align with your vision will bring you so much farther. Go through your entire brand experience, from the initial contact to logo design to the thank you gift, or whatever your business looks like. Do the experiences set the tone you want your business to have?

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