You could talk all day about the importance of your products or services and the benefits they provide, but this will not convince potential clients to work with you. Rather, one of the most convincing pieces of marketing materials you can use is customer testimonials.

Don’t tell people what your business can do — let other uses do so. It’s more transparent and it’s more persuading than your elevator speech alone.

It may seem intimidating at first to ask your clients for reviews. They paid you for a service and now that the service is over, you’re both headed to the next thing. However, most clients, especially if they had a positive experience, are happy to leave a review if you make it easy for them to do so. Here are some ideas on how to ask for client reviews:

1. Make sure your business has an active page on Facebook and Google.

Facebook and Google are two key locations for business reviews. Google, especially, is often where customers find local businesses and those reviews will tell them if you’re worth looking into. Even if you work with clients across the world, they’ll often look up your business, resulting in your Google listing and a quick look through your reviews. If you don’t have any reviews at all, this tells clients that you’re potentially brand new in the business, or that you don’t have a lot of experience. Once you’ve made sure that your Google listing and Facebook page are ready for reviews, then it’s that much easier to ask for them.

2. Add a follow-up email to your workflow.

For every client that works with you, make sure that a follow-up email for reviews is part of your workflow. It’s as simple as:

Hi *Client Name*,

We wanted to thank you again for working with us for *Project Name*. It was delightful to work with you and see the difference we could make in your organization.

We would be so grateful if you could take two minutes to leave us a review on our Google page (link) or Facebook page (link).

This is the perfect place to talk about your experience with us. This will help us positively impact more businesses like yours by adding to our credibility and reminding potential customers that an experience with us is beneficial. 

From one small business to another, thank you!

*Business Name*

Once you have an email template for reviews in place, it’s easy to automatically ask for reviews from every client. If you have a bulk-load of clients you did not request reviews from, consider sending out a mass email or social media post asking for referrals and reviews.

3. Send a thank you gift with a link for reviews.

Another way to ask for client reviews is to send a thank you gift with a note. You could order custom postcards with a QR code that links to your Google listing. The other side of the postcard could be left blank for a personal note. When you finish a project with a client, you’ll simply send them a small gift and a postcard with a handwritten note. It shows your appreciation for their business and simply reminds them to leave you a kind review.

4. Explain the importance of reviews.

No matter how you ask for reviews, be sure to remind your clients of their importance. Explain how it adds credibility and ultimately increases the likelihood that someone will hire you. If you’re a small business that frequently works with other small businesses, they should be able to easily understand your request.