Target Your Ideal Client

How to Target Your Ideal Client with Your Brand

A strategic brand will target your ideal client. Everything from the fonts, colors, and messaging will be catered to your ideal client.

The best way to deliberately reach your target audience is to establish and build your brand with your audience in mind.

Prompts you and your team should ask include:

  • What do you want someone to THINK when they meet you or see your posts on social media?
  • What does your audience EXPERIENCE when they interact with you, your business, or your service?
  • How do you want your audience to FEEL when they hear you talk about your product or services or read your social media posts?
  • What ACTION do you want them to take?

Interestingly enough, each aspect of your brand comes together to create the overall brand that can connect with your ideal clients. For example, your funny and engaging social media posts make your audience feel close to you, that you’re relatable and understand them. Your bright and uplifting logo design attracts them to you. The description of your products connects to the problem they have. This trust, attraction, relation, and understanding drives them to buy your products or book your services. This can apply to all varieties of brand designs. Your social media posts may not be funny, but they can still connect to your target audience.

Are you using all aspects of your brand and your business experience to drive dream customers to you? Before you hire a designer to create a new logo or hire a copywriter to rewrite your website messaging, consider working with someone who also develops the strategy, or brand identity with you. Do you know who your ideal client is? An experienced brand strategist can work with you through this necessary, behind-the-scenes discovery process. The logo is your mark, but what is the experience? Where is the connection?

Learn more about our branding services here. We’ll determine what makes you unique and tell your story together with brand strategy, design, and implementation.

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