I am super excited to tell you that as of July 2020, I am officially a StoryBrand Certified Guide!

About StoryBrand

I’ve been drawn to StoryBrand for a long time and have often incorporated the basic framework into the Agency’s work. Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Story Brand,” was one of my first introductions. I highly recommend it. It contains so many insights that every business can apply. The overarching premise behind StoryBrand is, “clarify your message so customers will listen.”

Elevating the Process

As a brand strategist and designer, I’ve always used processes that incorporate the “why.” If you’ve been with the Agency for a while, you’ll know that.

We never sit down to style a brand, design marketing collateral, or develop a website without first seeking to understand the client and their audience. We believe that engaging and authentic brands are built from a deep understanding. That’s why our first goal is always connecting with the client’s business as if it were our own.

We work hard to uncover who each client’s audience is, what problem the audience has, and how the client’s products or services solve that problem. Our clients’ messaging should not only clearly explain who, why, and what, but should get inside the minds of their audience and join them in the conversation they’re already having. We use carefully crafted content to guide their audience to take the necessary steps to engage with their products or services.

What to Expect

StoryBrand certification training enhanced my understanding of the StoryBrand framework. It taught me how to gain a more in-depth knowledge of our clients, what questions to ask to formulate their unique brand script, and then help them to more clearly and concisely deliver their message. Only when we have the messaging clear, do we begin designing, developing, and incorporating it through all of the project deliverables.

Consequently, all Agency clients will now experience this revitalized discovery process that incorporates the StoryBrand Framework.

Have questions about my process as a StoryBrand certified guide? Get in touch.