“…start where you are and change the ending!”
– C.S. Lewis

Lasting Change focuses on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Lisa helps mid- to late-career professionals who are interested in taking control of their wellness today so they can more fully enjoy an active retirement later.

Lisa came to the Agency after having a not-so-stellar experience with a marketing firm. We were delighted to hear that she found us through a Google search. I know, finding us through an internet search is the way it should be, but the majority of our work is through referrals, so when our website does precisely what it’s meant to do, we get a little excited!

Lisa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a student at the School of Applied Functional Medicine. As with all of our clients, we spent time getting to know Lisa; her story (what makes her unique), her vision, her ideal client, and the ultimate experience she wanted for each of her clients.

Lisa hoped that the Agency could help her market her business and attract buying customers. She had already created a website, coaching programs were established, and workshops developed and on her calendar. We understand the desire to put it all out there and just get that first client. But we were able to help Lisa see that she needed to take a step or two back and further analyze the brand identity pieces that were actually missing from her work and how important it was for the content of her website to speak directly to her ideal client and to quickly help them experience her, get a sense of who she is and what it would be like to work with her.

Lisa is passionate about giving back all that she has learned in her own journey to wellness. Our goal was to help her tell her unique story.

We created for Lisa a simple logotype and icon that we believe captures her love of nature, holistic wellness, and her vibrant passion for simple, healthy living. We also performed an analysis of her website – both visual aspects as well as the content. Since Lisa came to us with a website built, we knew she was a self-starter and didn’t mind rolling her sleeves up to “get it done.” We provided Lisa with a detailed list of what we knew would enhance the brand identity elements as well as the website and detailed what she could easily handle herself and those items the Agency could manage for her.

Ultimately, our work with Lisa involved simple brand styling, web analysis, site edits, content writing to highlight better what sets Lisa apart from other health coaches and give potential clients a safe way to experience her coaching and support.

Lasting Change Brand Style Guide

We continue to consult with Lisa in the areas of Social Media, Content Writing and Editing, Small Business Marketing Strategy, etc.

You can learn more about Lisa and her Health Coaching services here.