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Blueprint Hair Design

Creating an Exclusive Personal Experience

Blueprint Hair Design is owned and operated by Suzanne Nason. Suzanne and her team of highly skilled hair stylists create a ‘blueprint’ for each client they see, to plan and build the perfect cut, color, and style for that individual.


When Suzanne had the opportunity to purchase the salon and make it her own, she got in touch with SFA to work with her to create the new visuals for the company brand. At Sue Forrest Agency our goal is to get to know our client and their business as well as we know our own. Our Brand Clarity process is key to getting clear on the client’s vision and mission. In this case, we knew Suzanne’s ideal client; we already understood the product, the service, the level of attention to detail, the mission and vision and the client experience. Sue Forrest is one of Suzanne’s clients, and this gave the Agency an inside perspective and front row seat to the brand story.

Our work with Suzanne was a complete Brand Identity project that included logo design, business cards, salon menus, and web design.

Our task throughout the project was to bring a fresh, modern, and approachable style and appearance to each piece created for Blueprint.

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Client: Blueprint Hair Design

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