Content marketing can be overwhelming — from what to say and how to say it to which platform to post it all on. The most overlooked content marketing tip, however, is to keep it simple.

The importance of simplicity in marketing

Your business may offer many things, many products, and various services, but you’ll confuse your customers if you try to mention all of the above in one social media caption, one blog post or in one ad. Complex or overwhelming messaging is the fastest way to lose a customer. It makes you seem disorganized and it confuses your audience. Unfortunately, confused viewers are not the type to purchase from you. You can fix this, though!

How to keep it simple

In every single thing you write, the important thing is to keep it simple. You can do this by focusing on only one problem and one solution in every piece of content that you or your team writes. What’s one product that you can talk about? What problem does it solve and how does it do so? Focus on only that item in your next social media post or ad.

Of course, don’t just list out the features. Use a story. Include a customer review. Make it interesting.

Once you get started, this can be fairly simple to apply in smaller forms of messaging, such as on social media or in ads. However, this can be difficult to apply for things like your website, in which you really do have many solutions that vary between your services or products. How can you mention everything without overwhelming the next person who lands on your site?

It’s possible! We’ll teach you how.

Applying this concept to your website

Your website needs to feature everything you do so that you can effectively sell your services or products. However, if you jump in right away and try to explain that this service will give you more time, while this product will help you reach your health goals, you’ll repel potential clients right away.

To solve this problem, you can take a broader approach to the initial pieces of messaging on your home page. Ask yourself the following:

  1. What broader problem do all of your products or services solve combined? Are they health products? Business services?
  2. What’s the ultimate goal for someone who buys any of your products or services? Do they get more time, more money or does their business grow?
  3. Can you, in one to three sentences, describe what you do, who you do it for, and how it helps, without listing 10 products and features in a (ahem) boring list?

Review your current home page. Do you lose your viewers trying to talk about the features of your products before they’ve even had the chance to realize exactly what they can get out of it? People want to know — what is it that I can get out of what you do? Can this improve my life at home, at work, etc.? Here are a few examples to help you visualize this.

Simple examples of this content marketing tip

  1. B2B Services

    Let’s say you’re an accountant for small businesses. While your tax services may help come tax time, and your budgeting services are sure to save your client some money, mentioning the specifics of these two services right away on your home page is far too overwhelming. It’s like walking into a dessert shop and being handed a random plate of raisin cookies before you even had the chance to look around and find the chocolate cake you were craving. Instead, you should write about how your services will make running and growing your clients’ businesses easier, knowing that their finances are taken care of. Once that’s made clear, you can dive deeper into the specific services and features.
  2. E-commerce businesses

    You sell products online and you sell a lot of them, but hopefully, they fall into a general category such as — health, home, office, tech, etc. Rather than talk about the high-speed capabilities of product 65, you can explain how your products are state of the art and ready to make your customers’ day-to-day lives easier.

This applies to any other business, whether you’re a health coach, clothing designer, or dog walker. Start with the simple statement and then feature the specifics. The first thing viewers should read is that simple statement — what do you do, for who, and how their life will transform as a result. As they scroll down, then they can learn more about your chocolate cake and your raisin cookies. Just don’t lead with them! Talk about how scrumptious desserts are a wonderful pick-me-up. Let your viewer decide which dessert they want later on. They’re already hungry, they just need a few minutes to warm up to the idea of buying from you. Your simple, clear, upfront statement and transformative benefit (more time, money, success, freedom) will whet their appetite.

Auditing your messaging

Take a look through your website and recent social media posts. Have you tried to say everything at once? It feels unnatural once you know to look for it. Would you really mention every little thing if you were having a conversation with someone on the street? No. You would let them ask questions, see what their problem is, and then recommend something as a solution. You wouldn’t just broadcast that you have 15 services that do x,y,z, and a,b,c too.

Keep it simple and your customers and bottom line will appreciate you for it. Tell us below what you think of this content marketing tip!

Need help with your messaging? Get in touch here. We apply StoryBrand strategies to all projects to ensure that you use simplicity in its most effective form — content marketing that cuts to the chase and resonates with the clients who need exactly what you have to offer.