Taking photos for your website or small business? Please take a look at our list of recommended business photo ideas.

Use this list to create a diverse collection of images, not only for your website but for use in all marketing, from social media to email marketing.

1. Custom, professional photos — not stock photos

First things, first, you need professional photos. This could consist of finding the best lighting and equipment yourself but is often more time and cost-effective to hire a professional. You can count on them to do it right the first time.

A professional photographer has the proper equipment and skills to photograph your place of business, studio, gym, floral shop, etc. This gives potential clients a beautiful, cohesive experience. Even if you don’t have a physical location, photos of you and your products/services will work wonders.

In some circumstances, stock photography can do the job beautifully, but there is a cost involved that needs to be considered. You won’t have a one-of-a-kind look. Instead, you could be potentially using the very same images as your competitor.

However, a custom business photoshoot allows you to show off exactly what makes you different.

2. Photos of the process

Do you have a unique process, one that might photograph well? Photos of your process — whatever it may be — showcase your expertise. You’ll have perfect images for website headers, social media cover photos, and more. We recommend using process photos for services pages and backgrounds. Imagine an enticing phrase overlaid on an engaging photo of your process.

3. Well-lit photos of your products or services

Of course, you’re going to need images of your actual products or services. If it’s a product, it’s best to have well-lit photos on a white background, as well as images of the product in use, or on a flatlay board with other products.

If you only offer services, it can be a little more challenging to take photos, but this is where you can get creative! Do your services involve consultations, prepping wedding plans, or just jotting down notes in your office? This overlaps with photos of your process, but taking photos of your services in action can be an exciting way to create eye-catching images.

4. Location photos

Do you have a storefront or studio? Take photos of your location. This is especially helpful for your Google listing, which will make it easier for customers to recognize your store after finding it on Google Maps. Even if customers don’t visit your actual location, it can be fun for clients to see what your office space is really like. This is where you can display your personality — are you bold and bright, or do you lean towards toned down, minimal spaces?

5. Team headshots

Don’t forget to show actual people! While headshots are important, try getting shots of your team interacting or working.

Photos of people tend to perform better on social media.

6. Photos that your clients will be drawn to

Most importantly, take photos that your ideal clients will naturally be drawn to. What are they interested in? What type of images do they like on social media? Which images get them to stop scrolling and say, “Yes, I love this!” Your photos should be catered to what they resonate with.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Standing out will only make your voice heard.

Do you have any out-of-the-box small business photo ideas? Please share them below!


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