The Difference Between Sales, Marketing and Branding

The Difference Between Sales, Marketing & Branding

Are you looking for direction in developing your marketing strategy? We’re happy to provide you with a little direction. As a creative agency, we understand how challenging marketing can seem, but once you realize how personable and fun you can make it, the whole thing becomes a little easier. It’s an area in which you can make your business stand out — you can show off what makes your business unique.

I could talk all day about how marketing is about personality. But first, let’s clear some things up. As a business owner, you hear a lot of words thrown around, as well as some good advice and some bad advice. As we continue in this topic of marketing, we want to distinguish marketing from branding and sales.


Let’s start with branding. Branding is how your business is presented and perceived. It’s the emotions and feelings that people develop toward a company or its product. Branding consists of visual elements like color, font style, logo and a specific tone of voice in all content. It is also about the emotions that these elements bring forth as well as the experience and promise made to your clients. It’s all of the ways that you differentiate your business from other businesses like yours. 


Marketing is getting that message out there. It’s telling the world what your business is about, sharing your brand, what you do, how you’re different and doing all of that for the right audience.


Sales is exactly what it sounds like. It’s getting your customers to make a purchase. But this is short-term. If you seek only sales, you’re missing on creating loyal, returning customers, who will make not only one purchase, but many.

Consider branding, marketing and sales as a process you can take in a specific order. For example, Step 1 would be branding your business. Step 2 would be marketing it. And then, Step 3 would be getting that sale, based on the branding and marketing you’ve done. Completed in this order, your customers will (hopefully) have had an experience that makes them want to come back and do business with you again. 

Remember, branding is the art of differentiation.

How are you different from your customers?

What makes you special and unique?

Why should your clients choose you over another company? 

Understanding the difference between branding, marketing and sales is key. It’s not about definitions and vocabulary; it’s about using branding, marketing and sales with a clear strategy.

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