The design, content, and overall message of your website should be congruent. But the secret to successful website content is how you portray your message. It’s as simple as showing your ideal client how your product or service can impact their life, without being salesy. Here’s how you do it:

Focus on the transformation your service or product provides.

Don’t talk too much about your services. Instead, focus on the transformation your service provides. How can you guide your client to success or solve their problem? Your welcome and introductory messages should be all about these benefits — even your services page should focus on the benefits. Convince your client that you can make a difference before you get into the nitty gritty details of how you’re going to do it.

Write to your ideal client.

Nail down the traits of your ideal client and write the copy to him or her, as a single person. If you have to think of your website like a long-form letter built like a website, so be it! Do what you have to do to make it easy to write the copy (or hire someone like us to make it happen).

Don’t make the website all about you.

Instead, your website should be catered to your ideal client. What are they going to get out of this? Why should they work with you? Your website should be their guide, explaining how you can help. Show your visitors that you understand them, are there for them, and can guide them to the solution of their problem.

Focus on what you would want to know if you were them.

Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your business services that you forget what it’s like to be someone in need of those services. Ask family and friends for their perspective on your website. Is there any information missing? Did you cover everything that a potential client would want to know before reaching out to you?


Focus on these strategies and you’ll be well on your way to creating successful website content. For more inspiration, check out Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Story Brand.”