A Personal Touch Keeps Customers Coming Back

Using a Personal Touch to Keep Customers Coming Back

As you share your story and build your brand, you’ll notice that building relationships and customer loyalty will be even easier. When your brand represents who you are, your customers and business partners will better understand you and want to continue working with you. They’ll like you, because they like the brand that represents you and your business. Your brand, in a sense, will be a personal touch.

That personal touch is just how you’ll keep your customers coming back. The more customers you keep, the less customers you’ll have to fight for. If someone gives you business once, it’s a lot easier to get them back — that is, if you treat them right.

No, you don’t have to be friends with all of your clients or customers, but your website and communications should act as if you are friends with all of them. You should have personal touches in your emails and online. Use the merger tags in your mass emails so you can still call your customer by their first names.

Perhaps consider sending handwritten thank you notes or a small gift when you work with clients or customers.

We’ve heard of clothing businesses that send candy with their packages. It’s things like this that create loyalty. What kind of business would give you something extra like a piece of candy with your newly purchased dress? What kind of organization actually sends a handwritten note?

We can tell you. It’s the community-driven, human-run businesses that know exactly how to add a personal touch. Even the big businesses do it — like how Starbucks writes your name on your cup of coffee.

As a small business, you have the opportunity to add these personal touches. It may be time-consuming, but it’s worth the repeat business and loyal customer base that will help you grow and expand.

So go ahead. Send some chocolate. Write a note. Say hello.

You’ll see them again.

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