We see it all the time. A new entrepreneur or even a long-time business owner pays for a professional logo design, anticipating business success after they start using their new logo.

Oh, how we wish it was that easy. Your great-looking, professional logo does not guarantee business success. If you want your new professional logo design to be impactful, you need to discover what makes your business impactful in the first place.

In addition to many factors, business success requires thoughtful research and strategy built around the basics — your ideal client, your market and your unique offering. If you incorporate the below items into your business and incorporate them into your logo design and other branding, business success will be more attainable.

Ideal Client

How will your new logo attract dream clients if you don’t identify those clients first? Before you create a new logo, identify the following:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is their gender, age range, income, etc.?
  • Can you identify hobbies or passions?
  • What do they need or want and how do you help?
  • Why should they trust you?

How to incorporate with branding:

Once you’ve identified your ideal client, you can better create a logo that resonates with them. Would the person you just identified resonate with a cool blue logo, or would they find a handwritten, script logo more appealing? And remember, it’s not about your own personal aesthetic.

Market Research

Business success requires that you stand out enough to be heard. Individuals hear and see countless marketing messages a day. Your business needs to stand out above the noise. Answer the questions:

  • What do you offer that’s different from your competitors?
  • What is your business’s goal?
  • Why should someone want to engage with your business?
  • What value are you sharing? Do you have a blog, helpful social media content, free PDF guides?

How to incorporate with branding:

You can use this market research to identify the unique aspects of your brand. The unique elements of your business should be incorporated into your branding. For example, if your competitor focuses on losing weight for its physical benefits, perhaps your product focuses on losing weight for the mental benefits. As such, your logo and branding can be built around positive images and increased confidence. Your tagline can revolve around the same thing.

Unique Offering

The last basic step is to clarify your unique offering. Answer the following:

  • What are the unique features of your product or service?
  • What type of transformation does it create for your clients?
  • What’s the difference between before and after someone’s worked with you or used your product?

How to incorporate with branding:

As you brand your products, consider these aspects. Write the website copy about the transformation. Design the social media post with the unique features in mind.


Ultimately, you need to know what’s different and what’s unique. You need to identify the essence of your offering and then make that powerful, compelling and attractive with your branding. Here at the Agency, each of these steps are covered in the branding process. Contact us here to get started.