Let’s just get right into it. You are a business owner. Businesses should be using social media to their advantage. Therefore, you, as a business owner, should be utilizing social media for your company. It’s simple, but so necessary. Here are some reasons that your company should be on social media.

Being on social media improves search rankings.
You read that correctly. Having a strong social media presence can improve your search engine rankings. Social media is one of the factors that search engines use to decide how well your business should rank.

It’s free marketing.
You can pay to have your posts boosted on social media, but you can also use social media for completely FREE marketing. No payments or credit card information is required to create a social profile and post frequently. Plus, when you first get started, you should see some organic growth. You can easily invite friends to like your Facebook page and just use your network to grow your following. Social media creates a simpler, more streamline way to market.

Your customers are online.
How often do you log onto Facebook or Instagram? Most active users log into a social media platform more than just once a day. This means that social media gives you many opportunities to talk to your followers, or your customers. If they’re online, you should be online too.

Social media is a source for providing information.
If you want to inform your customers of a sale or great useful tip, social media is a great place to broadcast that information. Plus, you can use social media to just tell people about your business. The profile photo, about us page or bio, and many other social media aspects are great places to tell people what your company can do for them.

Social media puts a face to your company.
It’s time you get on social media and start talking to your customers. Social media is where you can reach out and have a voice. You can be human. With social marketing, your business is no longer a website and a customer service line. Your business is online and it’s talking, sharing, and being. It’s being human. That’s what social media is all about. Your company can be more human.

Social media is a key part of branding.
Maintaining a social media presence allows you to brand your company even more. It gives you more space to define your business’s voice and existence. It also gives people another chance to understand and grasp what kind of a company you have. Is your business down-to-earth, edgy, or professional? Social media is a great place to answer that question.

It’s lead generation.
Impressive content and strategic campaigns can lead to new customers. Social media can give you a return on your investment.

You can learn about your customers.
If you log onto Facebook right now, you can probably see some friends talking about their kids, their lives, and what they like. With your business, you can see similar information. You can see the demographics of your followers, when they’re online, and what kind of information they like to see. This is rich information that you can use to better target your ads and other marketing content.

The targeted ads bring amazing results.
Facebook, especially, has a great ad program. You can target your customers by extremely specific demographics. Plus, you can pay for the ad by click, follow, or even by purchase. There’s also a great tracking program which enables you to see how often your followers purchase an item or go to your website.

Your competitors are online.
Even though you might not be online, your competitors probably are, and they’re getting the leads and sales you’re missing out on. Create a profile and get your cut of cake.

With these reasons, you should have some definite motivation to get online and make your social media presence top-notch. Social media marketing is now and it’s effective.

If you need help in any form, whether it’s strategizing, targeting ads, creating content, or simply making a profile, contact us. Best of luck in your marketing efforts!