Do you ever just come across something that resonates with you? This business management tip from StoryBrand stopped us in our tracks.

How to cure confusion

In the small business world, there is a lot of confusion. What do I do about this client? How do I react to this? It’s challenging to find clarity.

And yet, what we might not realize is that we often let ourselves be confused.

Choose not to be confused

Most of the time, we have a gut feeling. We know what needs to be done, but we’re “confused” because we get caught up in the politics and emotions of decisions. How will they react? What will they think? Do I really have time for this?

While it’s important to consider others in your decisions, in business, it often comes down to this statement.

“The unfortunate truth about this situation is _________. Therefore, the right action to take is _________.”

Powerful, right?

Applying this business management tip

When you find yourself facing a tricky client situation or a new idea, stop wading around in confusion and fill out the above statement. This can work in so many situations!

  • Clients that need boundaries set or that simply aren’t a good fit anymore
  • Business ideas that might or might not work
  • Shifts you need to make in your priorities
  • Work you should or shouldn’t take on

Oh, how we wish we would’ve heard this earlier! So many challenging situations couldn’t have been simplified with this straightforward statement.

This is why we love StoryBrand and use it with all of our client projects. It adds so much clarity to every single project, whether it’s a logo design, website build or messaging review. Clarity is a mighty force.

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